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Harbor Towing Optimization

Harbor Towing Optimization

BACKGROUND With increased emissions regulations and rising fuel costs, vessel owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption of their fleet and tugboats are no exception. In a typical tug operation, there are 2 basic modes of operation: in-transit...

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Testing Brakes

Material handling company Magnetek needed a more efficient method of testing the torque produced by their industrial brakes. Originally they used torque wrenches to measure the torque that the brake produced. Magnetek looked to Binsfeld Engineering because they had...

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Binsfeld's Torque Measurement Systems measure true mechanical torque and power on rotating shafts. We also offer consultation, strain gaging and installation services.


Binsfeld's Rotary Temperature Transmitter Systems provide accurate and reliable temperature control on heated godets and calendars. We also offer design and OEM services.


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