Most rotary torque measurement solutions are inaccurate, require extensive driveline modification, or are prohibitively expensive. It shouldn’t be that way. Having started in the field ourselves, we understand the challenges you face, which is why we developed easy-to-use torque telemetry instrumentation that will give you the measurements you need quickly and accurately. All of this means you can spend less time worrying about measurements and more time focusing on what matters most.

Measurements you need in 8 hours or less by following 3 simple steps:

1) Install a Strain Gauge

It’s Easy! See our Shaft Strain Gaging Guide

2) Attach Binsfeld Telemetry

Simple – see our training videos

3) Acquire Data

Use your own DAQ or ours

Our Solutions




Temporary torque measurement system for rotating shafts


Low-profile temporary torque measurement system for rotating shafts.

TorqueTrak TPM2


Sealed torque and power monitoring system with digital data output.

Our Clients

“I am proud to let you know that our measurements were a success! We did not only qualify ourselves to bond the strain gauges but the TorqueTrak system performed seamlessly well in the noisy environment of an engine room of a large vessel (32.000 DWT bulker). I want to express to you our deepest gratitude for your kind, fast and accurate guidance and support through this difficult task. Our client was also marveled with our job.”

Project Manager, TRACNOVA S.A., ARGENTINA 

“As a vibration consultant, for a long time I have been looking for a simple, efficient and reliable instrument for measuring torsional vibration, and I have found it in the Binsfeld TorqueTrak instrumentation. Torsional vibration analysis is absolutely necessary in reciprocating, gear transmission, electric motors and generating machinery…I found the torsional instrumentation I needed for solving problems not easily known. I have been measuring torque and torsional vibration with excellent results. A couple of my customers are amazed with the instrument.”

Vibration Consultant, DYNA

Technical Topics

What is a Strain Gage (Gauge) and How Does It Work?

What is a Strain Gage (Gauge) and How Does It Work?

Strain gages (sometimes referred to as strain gauges) are exceptionally useful measurement tools, often because of their sensitivity. As evidence, strain gages are typically used as the sensing elements in precision load cells, the most precise "load" measurement...

How Torque Telemetry Works

How Torque Telemetry Works

What is torque telemetry? Torque telemetry is a wireless method of measuring torque on a rotating shaft. At its most fundamental level, a torque telemetry system's "job" is to energize, transmit, and process the data received from a sensor (such as a strain gage,...

How to Measure Torque on an Existing Shaft

How to Measure Torque on an Existing Shaft

When it comes to measuring torque on a rotating shaft, there are several options available depending on the application. The most common and well-known rotary torque measurement systems are in-line torque transducers. As the name suggests, these transducers are...

Case Studies

Torsional Vibration Measurements on Reciprocating Compressor

Torsional Vibration Measurements on Reciprocating Compressor

THE CLIENTStructural Dynalysis was founded in 2002 and specializes in structural dynamics, vibration testing & analysis, signal processing and driveline dynamics.  In addition to the testing services provided, Structural Dynalysis provides thorough torsional...

Harbor Towing Optimization

Harbor Towing Optimization

BACKGROUND With increased emissions regulations and rising fuel costs, vessel owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption of their fleet and tugboats are no exception. In a typical tug operation, there are 2 basic modes of operation: in-transit...

Pump Efficiency Testing With Torque Telemetry

Pump Efficiency Testing With Torque Telemetry

THE CLIENTIntegrity Pump & Motor specializes in the design, manufacturing, and testing of a wide variety of pumps used across numerous industries. Integrity-built pumps have been used at golf courses, mines, agriculture, municipalities, and countless other...

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Binsfeld’s Torque Measurement Systems measure true mechanical torque and power on rotating shafts. We also offer consultation, strain gaging and installation services.


Binsfeld’s Rotary Temperature Transmitter Systems provide accurate and reliable temperature control on heated godets and calendars. We also offer design and OEM services.


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