The Op-Torq Field Test 2 data acquisition system typically will be used with the TorqueTrak 10K telemetry instrument for temporary installation and short-term test measurements. The Op-Torq Field Test 2 system can also be used with the permanently installed TorqueTrak Revolution instrument. The program is preconfigured for Torque, RPM and Power data processing on one, two, three or four shafts. The Op-Torq Field Test 2 system is powerful, yet easy to use.  Use Timed Acquisition mode for data analysis over time. Use High Frequency mode for torsional vibration analysis. Log, analyze, graph and export the data.  Create reports. Options include integration of up to four additional analog data signals – pressure, temperature, humidity or anemometer, for example. An Electrical Power Meter signal can be integrated.  And for moving vehicles such as trucks and ships, GPS data can be integrated so that vehicle Speed and Distance can be correlated to engine Power consumed.


    • Op-Torq Field Test 2 primarily consists of data acquisition software and the Acquisition Module. The system does not include a computer. However, by special request, we can supply a laptop computer preconfigured with the data acquisition software
    • Op-Torq Field Test 2 program is powered by LabVIEW.
    • Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system is recommended to ensure the highest level of performance with the Op-Torq Field Test 2 software. For use with Windows Vista, the Windows Vista Business version or Ultimate version is required.


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