A TorqueTrak 10K user in a Gulf Coast refinery was having issues with their compressor train. The compressor train uses a synchronous motor drive in a hard start application. In that application, torque pulses occur from 120 Hz to 0 Hz during the transient start-up. When accelerating up to synchronous speed the system passed through torsional resonances. A resonant condition like this creates stress in machinery components that can exceed their endurance limits for fatigue.

The customer found it necessary to analyze these stresses using finite element computer modeling. They then used that information to determine a safe number of system starts. Often in this arrangement, some components in the machinery train are life-limited. By temporarily installing the TorqueTrak 10K with a Micro-Measurements strain gage, the user was able to accurately determine the torques and stresses of the life-limited components. This validated the computer model and allowed the customer to operate the system without concern for further damage.

The TorqueTrak 10K saved the client time and money by avoiding excessive system repairs and the cost of replacing components prematurely.