Material handling company Magnetek needed a more efficient method of testing the torque produced by their industrial brakes. Originally they used torque wrenches to measure the torque that the brake produced. Magnetek looked to Binsfeld Engineering because they had successfully used a TorqueTrak 10K temporary diagnostic system in a high speed variable inertia brake dynamometer for product development. In this case, Magnetek needed a more permanent solution.

Binsfeld recommended the TorqueTrak Revolution. With the TorqueTrak Revolution added to their process, they were able to automate the test using a variable speed drive to control rotation while accurately measuring the true torque the brake produces. Brakes with torques ranging from 18 ft-lb to 15,000 ft-lb can be tested to assure that they meet customer requirements. Magnetek successfully achieved a cost savings by dramatically reducing the labor it takes to test production brakes while increasing repeatability and accuracy.