Binsfeld Engineering Inc. specializes in rotating-to-stationary data communication systems. Using digital instrumentation technologies transmitted via non-contact inductive couplings or radio frequency devices, our transmitters provide accurate and reliable signals from rotating sensors.

As a world leader in rotating data telemetry technology, Binsfeld Engineering’s mission is to provide innovative instrumentation solutions, creating value for our customers as well as for our shareholders.


Binsfeld Engineering was founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1978. Binsfeld has always focused on transmitting sensor measurements from the rotating world. Early business was dominated by field consulting – measuring torque on rotating machinery shafts using proprietary radio telemetry transmitters, a service we still provide today. By 1985 Binsfeld offered a line of telemetry systems designed to transmit torque (strain gage) signals from rotating machine elements to stationary data collection equipment.

In 1990, in collaboration with a major fiber manufacturer, Binsfeld developed its first inductively powered rotary temperature transmitter for use on heated godet (draw roll) motors. From these early analog transmitters evolved the TempTrak® All-Digital Design originally featured in the RT300 Series transmitters. The success of the TempTrak® system has been expansive, particularly as an upgrade component on existing machinery, where it has been installed “across the house” at major fiber plants in the United States and abroad.

In 1999 Binsfeld introduced the TorqueTrak 9000, a completely digital battery-powered radio torque telemetry system that was recognized as “Product of the Year” by a major instrumentation magazine. Later the TorqueTrak 10K torque telemetry system was introduced and represents the latest model in the evolution of these accurate yet user-friendly diagnostic torque measurement systems.

In 2002 Binsfeld introduced the TorqueTrak Revolution, a permanently (inductive) powered rotary data transmitter that provides continuous outputs of torque, speed (RPM), power and direction of shaft rotation. More than a diagnostic tool, the Revolution allows process monitoring and control from shaft torque and horsepower signals.

In 2012 Binsfeld extended its robust rotary temperature transmitter technology to heated rolls and calenders with the RT310 Series.

In 2015, the next generation inductively-powered system was launched – the TorqueTrak TPM2 (Torque & Power Monitoring). The system featured an all-digital output (RS-422) and software configuration. Robustness was top of mind with IP-67 rated connections, potted electronics, and certification to rigorous vibration and shock testing.

In 2020, Binsfeld launched the Vessel Performance Monitoring System in partnership with KRAL and OPDAQ systems. The solution is the first all-inclusive offering to marine customers, offering state of the art cloud-based monitoring with highly accurate measurements of vessel Key Performance Indicators.

Binsfeld telemetry systems have a proven track record for precision and reliability, both in the U.S. and around the world. The business has exhibited sustained growth in this market and stands poised to serve its customers with sophisticated designs well into the future.