Use these calculators to find the torque strain or shunt resistance on a solid or hollow shaft.

Binsfeld’s Torque Strain Calculator provides a fast, easy way to calculate the amount of strain expected on a shaft surface due to an applied torque. Use the microstrain level to determine the appropriate gain needed for a strain-gage based telemetry system.

Binsfeld’s Shunt Resistance calculator correlates a resistance to a simulated strain level for a given strain gage. It provides a fast, easy way to calculate how large of a resistor to place on an arm of a strain gage sensor in order to simulate a desired strain, which is especially important for shunt calibration. For more information on shunt calibration of a strain-gage based telemetry system, see page 33 of the TorqueTrak 10K users guide.

Equations are dependent on units and listed below. Use the calculator that corresponds to your desired units of measurement.  Note that for a solid steel shaft, yielding is likely to occur above 500 microstrain. See our blog page  for other helpful information or check out our torque measurement products.

Torque Strain Calculations
for Solid or Hollow Shaft

inches (enter 0 for solid shaft)
Mpsi (30 Mpsi for steel)
(0.3 for steel)
Shunt Resistance Calculations
for Solid or Hollow Shaft

(350 ohms typical)
(4 for full bridge)
(supplied with gages)


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